Introducing the Carbon Impact Factor

A Family of Financial Instruments to Differentiate and Reward Carbon Efficiency in Commodity Production Joe Madden,* CEO, EOS Climate Stephen Lamm, VP Business Development, EOS Climate Jeff Cohen, SVP Science and Policy, EOS Climate Tom Baumann, Co-Founder, ClimateCHECK and Interactive Leader Collaborase Mary Grady, Director of Business Development, American Carbon Registry Arjun Patney, Policy Director, American Carbon Registry Eric Ripley, ...

Divestment and Climate Bonds

Over the last few months, the divestment movement has gained momentum at universities around the globe, and what started as a niche movement has quickly turned into a worldwide call for change. Comparing itself to the anti-apartheid movement, divestment campaigners are calling for university endowments to immediately divest from fossil fuels.


New Push Back on Divestment from Fossil Fuel Producers

Recent weeks have seen an increase in the literature pushing back on the idea of divesting from fossil-fuel-producing companies. Prior to last week’s Global Divestment Day, a website entitled published this piece by Dan Fischel, which was first featured in the Wall Street Journal. Basically, he claims that by looking back 50 years, one can make a case that …