EOS Climate Solution: HFC Credits

EOS Climate Innovative Market Solution Curbs Carbon Emissions From HFCs

HFC (hyrdofluorocarbon) refrigerants are significant contributors to climate change, and they continue to be produced and used for refrigeration and cooling in tens of millions of homes, office buildings, supermarkets, and automobiles. Global efforts are underway to reduce emissions of HFCs: The Parties to the Montreal Protocol are creating a gradual phasedown plan of HFC production, and many companies have committed to phase out their use of HFCs in newly manufactured equipment, consistent with regulatory initiatives. EOS Climate has developed an innovative solution to address these high GWP (global warming potential) chemicals and complement global phasedown plans: emissions reduction credits for reclaiming and reusing HFCs. EOS designed the methodology, approved by the American Carbon Registry, and recently conducted the first project to generate Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from the reclamation and reuse of HFC (hyrdofluorocarbon) refrigerants. Credits generated from this first-in-kind project provide companies that use HFCs a new opportunity for reducing their impact.

This effort supports global goals to limit HFC refrigerants from reaching the atmosphere. If even 30% of HFC refrigerants are reclaimed for reuse by 2030, the equivalent of approximately 18 billion metric tons carbon dioxide (CO2) would be prevented from reaching the atmosphere over the next 25 years, as explained in the EOS white paper.


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